Inside Australia’s terror threats.

What never seems mentioned is the research that indicates that more mass or multiple killings have occurred by those not deemed terrorist. terrorism is it seems is a category devoted to murders by Muslims whether organized or not. Further research shows the murders are increasingly lone wolf, committed by people on drugs and with poor histories of mental health factors that in fact have been known.

The categorizing of terrorism in a way that seems to be exclusively Muslim merely raises the fact that in a post racist world where differences aren’t division. The LNP since John Howard have used race, religion and ethnicity to promote division in a world  were they only give lip service to a multiracial and cultural Australia. (ODT)


One world-weary father whose son was caught in the middle of such an event where police used capsicum spray to disperse the crowds suggested it was a graphic illustration of how the world had changed: ‘‘I grew up listening to Sergeant Pepper’s – he grew up being pepper-sprayed by a sergeant.’’

Inside Australia’s terror threats.

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