Liberals descend into tribalism under the cover of ‘loyalty’

Anonymity of Liberal Party voices and the Press that’s the news andit smacks of little more than PR. (ODT)

And then there is the traitor-in-chief, Malcolm Turnbull. This week Turnbull reacted strongly on Twitter against a story published in The Australian. In it, an anonymous source asserted “his hands were all over” Banks’ defection. Turnbull mocked the idea as paranoid.

The same story also reported Turnbull was in contact, via text message, with his successor in Wentworth, independent Kerryn Phelps.

This was a cause for “concern” among Liberals who are angry at Turnbull being “unwilling to provide public backing to Liberal candidate Dave Sharma” during the Wentworth byelection. Never mind that Turnbull’s contact with Phelps was as part of a job handover, which shows he is doing the right thing by his former constituents. Who cares about those constituents now that they have voted the wrong way?

An anonymous Liberal was quoted as saying the contact between Phelps and Turnbull “speaks for itself and confirms everybody’s suspicions”, which is as conspiratorial as it gets.

via Liberals descend into tribalism under the cover of ‘loyalty’