The Liberal Party, riven by its wreckers, faces wholesale collapse



The base to which some appealed was confined to the tiny proportion of the population who are paid-up party members — some of whom, surveys suggest, indeed have views on issues such as crime, same-sex marriage and climate change that are at odds with majority opinion.

The broader constituency, however, Liberal Party supporters rather than activists, do not appear to respond to their concerns. Banks is likely more attuned to what drives this broader constituency in articulating a disgust with “the reactionary right-wing … coup … aided by many MPs trading their vote for a leadership change in exchange for an individual promotion, preselection endorsements or silence

“Their actions were undeniably for themselves, for their position in the party, their power, their personal ambition, not for the Australian people who we represent,” she said.

The Liberal Party is now so far adrift from majority opinion, and so hobbled by the most recent insurgency against Malcolm Turnbull, that a wholesale collapse appears to be inevitable.

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