Canberra’s go-slow is now beyond a joke

Workers lose about $2.85 billion a year from failures to pay their superannuation fairly and in full. This is a conservative estimate from the Australian Taxation Office but there are claims the shortfall could be as high as $6 billion.

That is a real-world problem and it needs faster attention. It is also a useful way to measure the cost of the lethargy in Canberra.

Australians have learned to keep their expectations low when waiting for their politicians in Canberra to act on a problem. There was no sign this week that Parliament will ever move faster to end a disagreement and get something done.

Voters are told the government is not caught up in the “Canberra bubble” and that their political leaders, from all parties, are focused on what matters most in the real world.

Source: Canberra’s go-slow is now beyond a joke