‘Unacceptable’: Peter Dutton demands more co–operation from Muslim leaders on terrorism

Dutton criticises encrypted messages

Currently Australia’s most openly vile and incompetant Politician since Tony Abbott put his head down in his no longer certain seat of Warringah  is Peter Dutton. As a politician Dutton has absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever that align him to any Australian values or ethos. The man has promoted culture wars, advocated collective punishment of Muslim and African Australians, and declared white Christian males to be the victims of  these minorities from otherwise shithole countries despite all the data indicating the opposite. Dutton with MPs bullhorn in hand is forever calling for further upgrades to surveilence tests on all Australians under the pretext that the mentally ill if black or raised in Islam are in fact examples of radicalized terrorists among us.

Does the owner of a coffee house who was in the wrong place at the wrong time really need a State funeral? Politicians one and all really have grabbed the ball and changed the game. What Australians need are Services in this State yes but for all of us. As long as mental health prevention isn’t made a priority and remains hidden some people will continue to get messages from god think their Christ and unwittingly create mayhem by endangering themselves or others. Politicians like Dutton however do it as a matter of course.  (ODT)

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has thrown down the gauntlet at the Muslim community to work more closely with police to prevent terrorist attacks, appearing to accuse Islamic leaders of withholding information from authorities.

Unacceptable’: Peter Dutton demands more co–operation from Muslim leaders on terrorism