Bourke st attack: Lone wolf attacks harder to prevent but so are simplistic reactions

Hassan Khalif Shire Ali lunge at police with a knife before he was shot in the chest.

The role of mental health remains in the background in these discussions surely what we have heard is that it was a major factor in this case as it was with Haider and Man Monis. (ODT)

source of confusion, in an age in which much ugly politicking has been conducted using shameless fear-mongering targeting vulnerable communities, is the belief that some communities, such as the Somali community, are rife with extremism. This is simply not true.

There is a limited problem with youth within the Somali diaspora being targeted by recruiters for terrorist networks like al-Shabaab, IS and al-Qaeda. But it is simply not the case that police and community leaders are failing to properly monitor dangerous individuals.

The risk of terrorism, from whatever quarter – and the continued threat of right wing extremism in the United States is a reminder of future threats that may come to Australia – is not going away any time soon.

There are no easy answers but what is clear is that simplistic responses only increase the threats and hand to the terrorists a victory they should never be given.

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