A plague on democracy — Murdoch, Turnbull and demagoguery

Turnbull’s own detractors from within his own party did not receive generous dollops of encouragement from the News Corp fraternity and those with a traditional fixation nourished by the world view of Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch is in the business of backing, moulding and overthrowing governments. Some do it by the power of the gun backed by foreign finance, others prefer a battalion of editors and self-entitled opinion makers to do what amounts to much the same thing. The blood quotient might be less, but the impact is still impressively devastating.

Australia’s own national broadcaster has been wading in these troubled waters of late, taking the view that the country’s media moguls, supported by a phalanx of populist brutes gathered at Sky News and Radio 2GB, played a decisive part in forcing the hand that signed the death warrant in the Liberal party room.

‘Few executives are as synonymous with their companies as Rupert Murdoch is with his. News Corp, he had said in the past, “for better or worse, is a reflection of my thinking, my character and my values”.’  Richard Cooke

A plague on democracy — Murdoch, Turnbull and demagoguery

via A plague on democracy — Murdoch, Turnbull and demagoguery