The Indigenous employment gap is widening and we don’t know how to fix it

Tony Abbott special envoy says Education comes first change their Culture and the Economics will follow. Surely Jobs and economic opportunity come first when families are concerned? Social Welfare and Churches have spent generations removing children for “education” and have accomplished nothing but successfully destroyed families and culture leaving many indigenous without opportunity impoverished and fully aware they aren’t equal in Australian eyes. Sending the Mad Monk as special envoy is fraught with danger for the indigenous not Abbott. (ODT)

The Closing the Gap framework sought to halve the employment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, among other targets. But the employment target expired unmet this year.

In remote parts of Australia, the gap has actually widened since 2011.

Governments have relied on a series of employment programs to tackle the employment gap, but these have not yielded positive outcomes. Before the new program starts in 2019 we need more evidence of what does and doesn’t work.

There has been no robust evaluation of the last two employment programs. Evidence of what does work might help us finally start closing the gap.

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