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According to Dutton Menzies wasn’t a Liberal

Sadly, The Shovel’s recent headline Threat Of African Gangs Has Halved Since By-Elections, Analysis Shows has more than the usual faint resemblance to the truth. Conservative politicians have been dogwhistling on race and immigration since the 1980s around election time, with Howard, Abbott, Morrison and now Dutton plumbing new lows as the public ‘got used’ to the existing level of vitriol.

At the height of the ‘white Australia policy’, founder of the Liberal Party, Robert Menzies, stated as a principle of the Liberal and Country Parties during his 1949 election policy speech

Though we naturally want as many migrants as we can get of British stock, we denounce all attempts to create hostilities against any migrant or group of migrants, whether Jew or Gentile, on the grounds of race or religion. Once received into our community, a new citizen is entitled to be treated in every way as a fellow-Australian. The strength and history of our race have been founded upon this vital principle.

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