The reasons behind Australia’s racism

WE MAY LIKE TO tell ourselves we are not a racist country in Australia, but let’s face it, a lot of Australians are racist. They may not all be neo-Nazis, but they are racist nonetheless. In New Zealand, our nearest neighbour, they celebrate Maori culture with the haka at major events such as the football. In Australia, we have inquiries into black deaths in custody while booing and racially vilifying footballers who celebrate their indigenous culture from the sideline. On one hand, we celebrate cultures like Italian and Greek with food festivals and celebrate Chinese culture here with colourful festivals involving dragons and traditional dancing. But on the other hand, we celebrate Lebanese culture here with the Cronulla riots. Of course, we now look back on the Cronulla riots as a dark day in our history and we’ve come a long way since right?

Source: The reasons behind Australia’s racism