Leadership stoush damaging fragile consumer confidence

When Politics disconnects from from everyone Abbott doesn’t give a shit just wants to play the Nope Nope Nope “game” and offer no service. He passed the least number of bills since John Gorton who was only PM for 6months (ODT)


Asked about uncertainty in federal energy policy Mr Mackenzie was also reluctant to comment, but he said BHP had “advocated for what we think is a managed movement towards having, if you like, more renewables or a lower carbon mix in energy that’s available to Australians, and to do this in a way that can avoid price spikes”.


Those concerns were borne out in the latest ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer confidence index, also released on Tuesday, which fell 3.5 per cent in the past week.


I would say that all these leadership spills are very good for Seven news ratings

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