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The current united corporate defence by Australia’s most consistent race -baiters Murdoch’s News Corp is a disgrace but expected.If any other commercial corporation attempted to do the same their business would be shut down quite easily but not so this media beamoth,why? News Corp creates the very enviroment on which it flourishes with it’s provocative headlines and soundbytes and we allow them to. The only way to fight back is boycott as there is no opposing competing voice of eqivalent size or concentration. However turn off the fuel on which it feeds money and the darkness will disappear..

 News Corp feeds us the illusion of threat and hate in the hope for another Cronulla 2005 to then feed us more of the same.  It’s the media version of the wall of sound a wall of percieved darkness using the constant drumbeat of  sound bytes and headlines doing it for dollars and cents  hoping for some pushback real or imaginary to continue moving forward and growing.  The young, powerless react whether born here or not doesn’t matter because News Corp controls the story. In fact they don’t even have to do anything and News Corp still controls the story. It’s not new but it’s bigger and more concentrated than ever before. News Corp’s search to dominate creates it’s own news and the associated false narrative that influences others generally MP’s who use it.

There is no equivalent opposition to this corporate machine and the only power available to stop it is to starve it of the fuel it needs and wants to exist money. Boycott removes it’s oxygen. Individual staff, advertisers, government and the  consumers can boycott the beast that’s so alien to the spirit of Multicultural, Multiracial, Australia.(ODT)

News Corp Australia marshalled its troops on Thursday after the pesky Labor government in Victoria banned Sky News from metro railway platforms following the appearance of far-right extremist Blair Cottrell on the network. Sky News devoted much airtime to expressing its furious disagreement with the decision, based mainly on the fact that the Cottrell interview was never shown on the railway platforms.

In a stunning display of solidarity with Sky, Rupert Murdoch’s print organs fell into line, accusing the government of “Stalinist” tactics and “retrograde socialist-style censorship”.

The Herald Sun, being the hometown paper of the Victorian metro railway ban, devoted its front page, opinion page and editorial to the story, skewering Allan for muddling her answers in an interview on Sky.

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