Banking royal commission: The ‘super scam’ that is unfolding in plain sight

While News Corp boosts Sudanese “crime gangs” that don’t exist. Lebanese mafia, and bikies,. While it focuses on dole bludgers and pilfering of petty cash it ignores the systematic damage and criminal theft done to all of us by what they revere as our fundamental and respected institutions that reflect the foundation of how a neoliberal society should operate. We have become the 51rst state of America and out of sync with the values of the rest of the world. We are drowning but not even waving (ODT)

The biggest financial swindle in Australian history was not masterminded by a smooth-talking shyster in silk tie and fancy loafers.

It didn’t involve complex money shifting to the Bahamas, the establishment of sham companies or falsified documents.

The biggest financial scam ever perpetrated against ordinary Australians unfolded – and continues to unfold – in plain sight.

The government knows it’s happening. Regulators know it’s happening. The people responsible for safeguarding the money being effectively stolen know it’s happening.

And no one is doing anything significant to stop it.

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