USA: Five corrupt “Justices”

USA: Five corrupt

Ever since the United States Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush president during the coup of 2000, a majority of its members have been on an unabashed mission to replace democracy with plutocracy and individual freedom with corporate fascism.

And they still were not done. Since the Citizens United ruling, these five corrupt “justices” have continued their crusade to regress the United States Constitution back to the days when only white male landowners could vote. To accomplish this, they have:

1. Gutted the Voting Rights Act that protects the right of African-Americans to vote;

2. Allowed states to “purge” voter registration rolls, even though such purges disproportionately affect racial minorities and the poor;

3. Defined political corruption so narrowly that it is now almost impossible to prosecute;

4. Supported gerrymandering by permitting states to create election districts designed to dilute the votes of racial minorities and/or to give political advantage to the party in power;

5. And, as I was writing this article, the Court, in the case of Janus vs. AFSCME (and in another 5-4 decision) ruled that non-union, public sector employees do not have to pay union dues, even though the union still must represent them.

And for those who would argue that my arguments about the true intent of these rulings are nothing more than hyperbole, I give you this tweet from Donald Trump after the Janus ruling. “Big loss for the coffers of the Democrats!”

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