Fair go! I’ll give you class warfare

IF the Government thinks the nation’s credit card can afford $144 billion in personal income tax cuts and $65 billion in business tax cuts, why can’t it afford:

to raise Newstart and unemployment benefits;
to raise Old Age Pension and Aged Care services;
to properly fund Disability and Carer pension and services;
to increase Public Housing;
to fund more homeless shelters and homeless services;
to give tertiary students a break on HECS;
to make TAFE free;
to fund more domestic violence shelters and family violence services;
to fund more public education;
to fund more public health, particularly in areas of need;
to fund proper Veterans’ services (not just memorials for pollies to prance around on ANZAC day);
to fund more public transport; and
…the list goes on, feel free to add yours in the comments below.

I say, if we truly do believe in a fair go in this country and our government wants to screech “class warfare”, well, you don’t need to be ALP or Green, just a decent human being to say:


via Fair go! I’ll give you class warfare