EDITORIAL EXCERPT: The Racist Centre for Western Civilisation

Conservatives are up in arms after the Australian National University (ANU) announced last Friday it would not proceed with a Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation-sponsored degree.

ANU Vice Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt told ABC 7.30 last week that the University broke off negotiations after six months because it was concerned the Ramsay Centre wanted too much control over the potential course:

… the centre was asking for a level of influence in our staffing and curriculum unprecedented with any other donor we’ve ever dealt with.

And so, it is that that undermines the academic autonomy of the university, and it is that which caused us to decide to withdraw from negotiations.

Luckily, Professor Schmidt sensed, just in the nick of time, that extreme rightwing politicians were seeking to use his institution as a cat’s paw to seed an ugly and outmoded ideology into the minds of our young people.

Abbott tried the same with Dr bjorn Lomborg and is now proving he’s a one dimensional thinker (ODT)

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