ANU’s ‘Western Civilisation’ decision: A reactionary feast for the rabid right

How Remeniscent is this when Tony abbott tried a $4,000,000 bribe any Australian university to provide a department for his favorite Climate Change opinionator Dr Bjorn Lomborg. An academic whose qualifications were sufficiently borderline to question his ability to be a tutor let alone the head of a newly bought department whose ideas Abbott wanted taught as an absolute. Lomborg seems to have disappeared off the world map since Tony Abbott’s efforts failed to raise him and place him on his anti- climate change pedastal. The Ramsay Center seems exactly the same act of bribery yet again to push yet another relative concept to have Western Civilization position treated as an absolute on the history of civilizations at ANU. Despite the bribe they declined prefering their academic integrity instead. (ODT)

The decision has outraged the reactionary right. It is evidently the end of civilisation as former prime ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott know it. They have gone “full mental jacket”.

For example, the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) pontificated that the ANU had sacrificed Western Civilisation on the “Altar of Leftist Warriors”. Crikey’s Emily Watkins has set out the details of the many explosions of confected outrage from the rabids. That was written before The Weekend Australian’s front-page article, a two-page “Culture War” special and an editorial, all angrily condemning the decision. Only moderate Liberal, Peter van Onselen, on another opinion page, backed the ANU’s sensible decision.

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