Minister Mitch Fifield lodges sixth complaint about the ABC in five months

Fifield seems to have chosen to be Murdoch’s lackey in government. Does he have the balls to take his anti- ABC stance ,the most trusted media organization in the country, to the next election? Does he have the guts to put forward the policy to scrap it? I doubt he’d hold his seat when 80% of the country support the ABC. Whinging as did Abbott when he cried whose side are they on shows the government is clueless about what we like the ABC doing asking the hard questions of everyone when they are there to be asked. Why is Fifield not addressing the issues of greater importance such as the obsolete and legless NBN? He’s running away from it using political distraction as a cover.  (ODT)

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has made another complaint to the ABC – the sixth in five months – this time about commentary on the controversial date of the “super Saturday” byelections.

Senator Fifield has taken issue with the characterisation of the decision to hold five byelections on July 28 – the weekend Labor had booked its national conference – as a deliberately political move.

“The Prime Minister did not decide the date for the byelections,” Senator Fifield told ABC boss Michelle Guthrie in a written complaint obtained by Fairfax Media.

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