Sisters arrested in $5.4 million day care fraud case free on bail

What a joke the government is congratulating itself for having paid out $5.4 mill in 2 weeks. That’s like the banks saying “but it was only one mistake repeated 57,000 times and we have nipped it in the bud”. Simon Birmingham shouldn’t be sacked for not knowing but simply for congratulating his department and treating the Australian electorate like idiots. (ODT)


The group allegedly backdated the children’s care by four months to a single day in March, claimed they were cared for up to 14 hours a day, five days a week, and received $5.7 million in government rebates and benefits over two weeks.

“The message today is that greed on this scale will not be tolerated by authorities,” acting AFP commander Kate Ferry said after the arrests on Thursday.

On Friday, Education Minister Simon Birmingham congratulated officers in his department for their role in monitoring non-compliance.

“The Turnbull government continues to crack down on rorters, and actions like this should send a further message to people who try to rip off the child care system,” Mr Birmingham said.

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