Banksy Blitz Continues in NYC with New Murals in Brooklyn

One of the new Banksy murals in Midwood, Brooklyn (all photos by the author unless indicated otherwise)

The mural is a characteristically coy commentary on capitalism, although it is accompanied by a smaller piece that depicts a seal. The pair is located in Midwood, at Coney Island Avenue and Avenue I. The larger one features what looks like a real estate developer (equipped with both a briefcase and a hardhat) brandishing a whip in the shape a rising red line graph, while a procession of children, a woman, an elderly person, and a dog flee. Nearby, a smaller mural whose connection to the theme of gentrification is indecipherable, features a seal balancing a ball — formed by the unpainted circle where a sign used to hang — on its nose.

via Banksy Blitz Continues in NYC with New Murals in Brooklyn