Poisoned Russian spy linked to Trump dossier author: reports

Head of counter-terrorism policing Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley speaks about the assassination attempt on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Steele compiled a dossier containing astonishing allegations against the then presidential candidate, including a claim the Russians had cultivated Mr Trump and traded favours with him for at least five years, and handed him intelligence from the Kremlin on Hillary Clinton and other political rivals.

The Telegraph reported that if the Kremlin believed Skripal helped compile the Trump dossier, it could provide a motive for the assassination attempt in Salisbury.

A former Russian construction magnate told Channel 4 News Skripal was “working in cyber-security and every month going to the [Russian] embassy to meet military intelligence officers”.

The Telegraph said a “hit squad” was dispatched by the Kremlin to assassinate Skripal, to send a message that traitors were not tolerated.

via Poisoned Russian spy linked to Trump dossier author: reports