The ABC should be independent, but not above scrutiny

If journalism’s role is to be independant and critically question with ipmartiality what’s going on around us can’t be Conservative but it doesn’t mean it favours the Left either. To critically question everything is consistent and impartial. The stupidity here lies not in what Alberici wrote but the the inappropriate push back by the Government to it’s independance. It’s not the place of the government to judge that meaning whatever it political values. Say what you like but keep your hand off our ABC (Old Dog)

PS If Trickle Down is not a questionable Economic proposition then the world is Flat are Australians required to experience Groundhog Day?

The ABC should be independent, but not above scrutiny

ABC should rise above the rancour

Switzer is one ABCs resident critic and declares The Drum Panel format biased debate. Should the format be more Bolt Reportish? (Old Dog)

These are polarising times. There is so much ideological claptrap in journalism, both here and abroad.

  • by Tom Switzer