The wheels have fallen off | The Monthly

Cory Bernardi on RN Breakfast this morning that he was aware of other ministers having sex with staffers. Paul Keating used to say good policy was good politics. Those were the days.

Apparently MP’s according to MP’s is that they are not bound by any rule other than don’t get caught. Journalists align themselves for information from inside of politics on the understanding that they never publicize or inform the public on the true nature of those that help them in their craft. It seems it’s a very closed industry which makes the public despondant and wise due to the fact that they above all are most aware of their ingnorance. It’s strange that silence is the currency of the elite wealthy corporate and political classes. Andrew Bolt readily attacks those he regards as the left on every singular aspect of their lives and trangressionsthat go back in  years and never accepts the changes that have occurred in their lives. How often have we seen him reveal the past lives of people in the audience of Q&A no quarter given or the rule of privacy there.

“In this ideas vacuum, and apparently timed minutely to the PM’s departure overseas, former prime minister Tony Abbott is grabbing headlines again [$], with a new big idea of winding back Australia’s annual immigration intake to the levels seen in the Howard years, from 190,000 to about 110,000 a year. In typically partisan fashion, Abbott says if the policy outrages the Labor Party, “so much the better”. ” This shows the  impossible problem solving nature of Mr Nope Nope Nope when it comes to politics of Abbott compared to what we once experienced with Bob Hawke and Australia moved forward.

The wheels have fallen off | The Monthly