Woman charged with terrorism after alleged ‘Islamic State’ stabbing

Australian Federal Police Acting Deputy Commissioner National Security Ian McCartney (Left) and Victoria Police acting ...

Asked why police suspected that was the case, he said: “We know things like Inspire Magazine and some of the online publications of both al-Qaeda and ISIS can be a source of inspiration.”


“When that radicalisation occurred is the subject and real focus of the investigation,” he said.

The case highlighted “that the threat in relation to terrorism in Australia is real and ongoing”.

This sounds very much like a definitive political and irresponsible statement by the police rather than an investigative one. The trial seems to have run it’s course. If Penthouse magazines were found in Robert Doyle’s garage would that make him a predator guilty of sexual assault? Why are the police being so public and wait till Dutton and Andrew Bolt gets hold of this one?   (Old Dog)

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