Gang crime: we need a more sophisticated understanding of African migrants

Illustration: Matt Davidson

Most stories in the media about Africa stick to well-worn paths of war, conflict and disaster, reinforcing narrow and negative images. Sometimes these preconceptions tap into older prejudices about the “dark continent” that hark back to the days of colonialism and slavery.

Dutton’s ignorance was revealed and amplified to the world during his prejidiced ‘Boomgate’ moment joking about the Pacific Islands with Tony Abbott on TV. He’s shown it to be even worse in his current response to the South Sudanese in Victoria. Andrew Bolt consistently uses the term ‘African” in a derogative and perjorative way  which exhibits the same level of unsophisticated ignorance that Racists use mimicking Trump in his opinion of ‘shithole ‘ countries. Dutton and Bolt really show Australia definitely the most predjudiced country in the region when they make us out to be the most shithole  when we are not. Melbourne in fact has been voted to be the most livable city in the world and they Dutton and Bolt, more than anyone, with access to media ensure everyone it’s not. Boomgate repeats and repeats and mirrors their bigoted un-Australian mentality.

via Gang crime: we need a more sophisticated understanding of African migrants