For Turnbull, Dastyari is a gift that keeps on giving

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The issue we face isn’t Turnbull, Abbott Shorten or Sam Dastyari the problem is the paucity of media and it’s self indulgent approach to presenting only some  facts and carefully avoiding others as Tony Walker does here.

1) The LNP accepted donations from the same Chinese gentleman as the ALP

2) His Chinese staff member is currently working for John Alexander in Bennelong

3) Until busted the LNP accepted a swathe of Rolex watches as gifts valued at $250K from a Chinese developer “Tony Abbott returned a Rolex given to him by a Chinese billionaire …

4) The Chines government has every reason to be “pissed off “with the quality of the Australian Press which we have seen and Malcolm Turnbull’s use of it in the abuse of the China Australia  diplomatic relationship for simplistic and puerile political games that threaten an otherwise stable and mutually beneficial friendship between the two countries. Trump couldn’t have done better

One might well ask:

Why Main Stream media offers so little in the way of information? The media self indulgence can be seen clearly see here just read this article.  For what it’s worth the banner might as well have said:

For Shorten, Abbott is a gift that keeps on giving


For Turnbull, Dastyari is a gift that keeps on giving