The Ethno-theological template of Privelage

Privelage is hard to justify on a one on one basis and so many societies utilize ethic and religious pretexts in order to establish a social structure of hierarchy. This template establishes an easy to identify division between those of the privileged class and those excluded from these benefits.

The US was a country originally established by bigots, and religious fanatics who had no ethical problem with committing genocide on the native population or capturing black African natives and enalaving them under the direct threat of force. This core of political savagery remains central to the power structure underlying this country, a country largely still dominated by white, Christian men but also the nations of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The Sunni, the Judaic and the Christian preferences are completed by the corresponding Arabic, Jewish and White European ethnic match that forms the core of the power structure in those places. This means that the bigoted organization of these societies is best represented by their most anti-enlightenment ideals of Wahhabism, Zionism and White Supremacy.