Israel Hayom’s new target: Conscientious objector’s mother | +972 Magazine| The News Corp Model of Media exists in Israel

Iris Gur, mother of conscientious objector Noa Gur Golan, protests in support of her daughter, who sat in prison for 98 over her refusal to serve in the IDF. (Courtesy of Mesarvot)

This is certainly not the first time Israel Hayom has targeted people, and government employees in particular, for being insufficiently Zionist, for being too left-wing, or for being Palestinian. Netanyahu’s confidants as well as his supporters are busy the cleansing civil service of those whose views do not match the prime minister’s. This is especially true for teachers who dare to express opinions seen as left wing, and that do not conform to the idea that militaristic education and violence are morally justifiable. Employees in the Education Ministry are legally allowed to express political opinions. However, as the list of persecuted teachers grows longer, the message is clear: some opinions are legitimate, others aren’t — and you better think twice before writing words like “peace” on your Facebook page.

Israel Hayom’s new target: Conscientious objector’s mother | +972 Magazine