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But that’s exactly all it is, the IPA; an appearance of substance. No position in reality, a non-producer. There really is no reason for them to exist … a bit like the LNP really, an anachronism from another age … a feudal age where the local “establishment” lent a guiding hand to the parish parson on matters concerning The Laird and his environs. Not much different than today’s LNP/Corporate State philosophy. Except there is that matter of the 100 items on The IPA “wish list”. How that list was compiled is a lesson in itself and possibly could never have been compiled without the help of several gallons of “Chateau Cardboard”. Why “chateau cardboard” you ask? Because I know those bastards. I have seen them at work. They’re the basest cheapskates when it comes to paying for anything themselves.The IPA is a joke on the people of this country. A running comedy with two-bit comedians pontificating on every subject so far outside their sphere of knowledge so as to be a parody on reality. And as far as that goes, even now I find spending any more time and words on such a wanking organisation is more than it deserves.So screw it and screw those bastards too!

Source: The IPA: Private Schools Brat-camp. – » The Australian Independent Media Network