10,000 New Job Slogans Created Last Quarter

tony abbott jobs

The Abbott Government moved a step closer to delivering on its promise of saying jobs a million times by 2018, with new figures showing speeches with the word jobs have been created at a rate of more than a hundred a day since June.

“There’s been a very strong increase in the use of the word ‘jobs’ over the last quarter,” an analyst said today. “Of course jobs and growth go hand in hand – when there’s an increase in jobs, growth usually follows. Which is exactly what we’ve seen in recent months. Almost every instance of the word ‘job’ this quarter has been matched with the word ‘growth’”.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the latest figures showed the Government’s focus on jobs and growth was working. “This Government is serious about jobs and growth. We’re serious about jobs and growth, because it’s jobs and growth that Australians want”.