Are you a Nazi?


In February I published an article called But then it was too late which was an excerpt from the Milton Mayer book They Thought They Were Free.  It is a chilling account of how the Nazis were able to rise to power, how they gradually habituated the public into accepting their increasingly depraved agenda.

But that was a long time ago and it couldn’t happen here, right?

In the land of the brave and the home of the free, the American Nazi Party still exists as “a Political-Educational Association, dedicated to the 14 WORDS – We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

They have a party platform and website that outlines their goals, or should I say demands, exhorting patriotic WHITE Americans to rise up.

“Each of us must decide just how far we will let the situation in America deteriorate, before we decide to take action to correct it. If you have had enough, and are willing to join the ranks of your ancestors who forged this land from a wilderness teeming with savages, and to keep it from returning to that state, we urge you to become involved. For your children’s sake, if not for your own. For White WORKER Power!”

Randa Morris has designed a ten question quiz to help modern day conservatives determine just how much of the American Nazi Party platform they agree with.  Whilst written for an American audience, the questions apply equally well to an Australian context.

Take the ‘Are you a Nazi?’ quiz.

  1. Do you oppose immigration and believe that America is for “Americans only?
  2. Do you oppose feminism, and do you believe that motherhood should be the prime role of women, in order to “strengthen the family unit?”
  3. Do you support the establishment of a new system of education, which would oversee the “moral development” of children?
  4. Do you believe that the economy and the government should be debt-free?
  5. Do you believe that America should be “energy sufficient,” and that we should exploit natural resources, such as land and water, in order to achieve that goal? (Bonus question: Is it a good idea to put ‘fossil fuel-producing corporations,’ like fracking wells, oil rigs and garbage incinerators in economically depressed regions of the country, to stimulate economic growth and create jobs for minorities?)
  6. Do you support the right of citizens to keep and bear arms? (No, Nazi’s do not support taking guns away, contrary to right wing bullshit.)
  7. Do you want to do away with the separation of church and state?
  8. Do you want to see the US government get involved in the “spiritual upbringing” of children?
  9. Are you a true supporter of “traditional American values?” (The Nazi’s call it ‘traditional Aryan values,’ but we know what you mean.)
  10. Do you believe that minorities and immigrants are a threat to the traditional United States?

Bonus points if you:

  1. Oppose labor unions and want to see them outlawed.
  2. Agree that there is a “war on white people” and that ‘reverse-racism’ is a real problem in the United States.
  3. Believe that gays present a real threat to “traditional American values” and the “traditional American family.”
  4. Hate “Communists” and are willing to apply that label to everyone you disagree with politically.

Remind you of anyone?

Randa explains her purpose is not to condemn or to convict, but to expose how the Nazi agenda has gone mainstream and to (hopefully) help some of the people who have bought into this agenda, to realize what they’ve been sold.

The use of religion by the right wing in the US today serves a specific purpose. Followers of the right wing confuse their religious beliefs with their political ideas, and become unable to separate the two. In the same way it did in Nazi Germany, the tactic is used to create religiously-fervent extremists, people who are unable to separate their belief in God from their devotion to a political party or regime.

What Hitler understood is that a man can be persuaded to do anything, as long as he believes that what he is doing is “God’s will.”

Regardless of what perspective you take on history, most people understand that Nazi’s were and are evil. Most people are aware that, in the past, they used mass manipulation to promote their agenda and to get the people to go along with it.

If the same tactics were being used in Australia today, would people be able to see what was happening? Could people go from being kind-hearted, God-fearing citizens to Nazi’s without realizing that their beliefs were being subtly manipulated through a mixing of religion and nationalism?

“the political opinion of the masses represents nothing but the final result of an incredibly tenacious and thorough manipulation of their mind and soul.” -Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)