The training ground hasn’t changed since Abbott’s days

David Marr and Barbara Ramjan documented Tony Abbott’s days as a baby polly. The bully of Sydney university campus prone to fits of bad behaviour when not getting his way. Physical violence and foul language it was said was not unusual for our tostesterone fueled PM.

It seems nothing much has changed in the liberal camp apart for the tecnology and the delivery of the message. Young pollies in training have taken to the Abbott handbook on how to make it in our democratic system. This is not the hand book of a grass roots politician this is the guide for the true professional.

Farrah Tomazin a favourite journo of the Victorian Libs recently may not be greeted with  open arms for her article shared with Henrietta Cook in Sunday Age:

Misogynist rants from Young Libs

Young Liberals at one of the country’s most elite universities have posted racist, crude and misogynist comments on social media, describing women as ”sluts”, Muslims as ”degenerates” and saying all feminists are ugly

“.Club treasurer Stefan Eracleous describes Ms Greer as a ”lying f—ing c-m guzzling slut … and a union member’

Does this man remind you of anybody? Does he see a window of opportunity and know the short cut to the lodge

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Melbourne University Liberal Club members attack feminist and alumni Germaine Greer, take aim at homosexuality, and repeatedly demean women.

‘She doesn’t believe in God. No kids not married … what do you [e]xpect from a melb uni educated former socialist c—,”
He also refers to London as ”the gay capital of the world” and appears to hit out at Muslims, telling a friend: ”Just be careful of those mussrats. A lot of them are [a] bunch of Third World degenerate c—s.”
Taken from Tony’s handbook 101: Deny everything
Club president Michael Sabljak said he was not aware of the comments until The Sunday Age contacted him because they were not on an official Melbourne University Liberal forum, but denied the club had a homophobic, sexist or misogynistic culture.

Mr Eracleous refused to provide any comment despite being contacted by The Sunday Age a number of times. Mr Cartney said he was not prepared to provide a response without evidence. Despite being given the relevant material, he still had not commented.
Great for their CV’s .Which one will get the top job is the question. The bookies have shortened their odds or it might be too early to say.

The revelations follow the resignation of two Liberal candidates for the state election in recent days over offensive social media posts. Bendigo West candidate Jack Lyons quit last week after it was revealed he wrote dozens of offensive Facebook posts, including racist comments about people from China and Africa.

Former Young Liberals president Aaron Lane, who had been endorsed as the party’s candidate for Western Region in the upper house, resigned the previous week after he was exposed for tweeting a barrage of crude comments which included the derogatory term ”faggot”.

It’s obviously an advantage in urban and federal arenas and doesn’t translate well to state and rural enviroments. But let’s face it  has been  the foundation of Liberal born to rule training and practise for years.
These are the role models