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200,000 Muslims were murdered,not including the numbers injured,raped and billions lost in property damage. This concerted attempt at ethnic cleansing by Bosnian Serbs was never called Christian or Orthodox terrorism. No acts of revenge against Christians ,Westerners or their property were ever carried out in any Middle Eastern or Muslim country.

3000 people died on 9/11 and a war on terror declared  not a war on Islam.

Who is Andrew Bolt when not a right wing opinionator and a convicted racist? The second generation Australian born child of a Dutch migrant satellite family that never really integrated with the communities they lived. A loner he says largely influenced by his mother.Bolt was drawn more to the Dutch culture of his mother than the working class culture of his Australian surrounds. So much so he went to live in Aalsmeer with his mothers relatives too find himself.

During WW2 Aalsmeer a small population was noted for it’s Nazi support the elected mayor & council in particular were recognized for it. 100’s of cases were tried post war during which 75% of Dutch jews were killed. The point being this was a council elected by it’s small population.

Aalsmeer was also noted for flowers & tulips of which Bolt is extremely fond and grows at home..TULIP coincidentally is an anacronym for the 5 principles of Calvinism and the Dutch Reform Church. One principle is belief in the elect or chosen preordained to go to heaven. Bolt claims to be an agnostic but certainly has the characteristics of a true believer in his now  occupation of a media preacher and persistent attacks on Islam. He claims to hate elitests but aspires to cultural tastes rare amongst his audience of ordinary Australians. He railes against academics information and data analysts I suspect that’s because he was a University dropout. A student who felt he didn’t fit in. It also explains why his journalistic niche is commentating rather than researched argument. He has been known to be loose with facts in fact convicted for it under section 18C.

So by his own admission he was raised in a Dutch family, drawn to Dutch culture & tastes, a loner remote from the culture in which he was actually born Australia. His father in law introduced him to Aussie life in his 30’s. His work mates found him polite, distant and a little superior.

Bolt has less in common with the ordinary Aussies he preaches to and more in common with Dutch Afrikaners. His separationist world view was one that gave grounds to Apartheid in South Africa.

Because of his  conviction he has become more of a closet racist but racist nevertheless. His attacks on Islam a religion can’t be denied as anything other than racist and not merely predjudice. 1.6 billion muslims are 98++ % colored . 1 Billion Asian, 300mill  African Middle Eastern and the balance mostly Middle Eastern. These racial groups weren’t recognized in White South Africa during Aparthied. The Dutch Afrikaners in South Africa believed themselves to be god’s  elected people and coloreds a lower species.  He now advocates Islam is a danger to Australia and our Immigration laws need to take this into account. Turning these beliefs into law and regulation will make us a racist nation.

The Islamisation of Asia & Africa was not done by any sword, holy war or any form of terror as Bolt would have us believe.  It was done by trade. Christianity’s record of proselytising on the other hand was far more direct the conquer, rape  and pillage  style.  Christian Europe the great Western Civilization has a history of persecution & conversion at the point of a gun. The US was founded as a result of people fleeing Europe for freedom of belief and opportunity. If Bolt’s Islamaphobia is not a wish to return to the White Australia Policy I’ll kiss his arse.