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Aged spend Christmas alone, thanks to PM and Perrottet

Scott Morrison

The ‘let it rip for Christmas’ COVID policies urged by Scott Morrison and Dominic Perrottet have come home to roost where they were always going to – on the elderly. More than 100 aged care homes are now in Tier 0 severe lockdown, the number suffering COVID outbreaks nearly doubling in a week. Rather than “opening up” for family Christmas, thousands of elderly Australians are confined to their rooms today, having a solitary Christmas lunch, denied all visitors, not even allowed to share the meal with their peers. On behalf of the distressed residents, their worried families and the shockingly stretched aged care workers, I invite the Prime Minister and NSW Premier to “stare down” the virus and take “personal responsibility” for a few weeks in solitary confinement, without a personal photographer for company. The tragedy of Christmas 2021 for the residents and staff in aged care facilities has been (almost) unreported.

Source: Aged spend Christmas alone, thanks to PM and Perrottet