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Is Peter Dutton on a mission? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Is Dutton just another naysayer?

His grandstanding about the Voice to Parliament is grating, because it seems to be playing a non-existent tune. The Voice has been explained, ad nauseum, as an advisory body, only.

It will not be a third chamber to the Parliament; it will not legislate. It will advise the mostly non-indigenous parliamentarians about purported effects of legislation affecting indigenous Australians. It will not advise on national security, nor will it advise on defence matters.

And yet, ignoring his seeming irrelevance in modern Australian political life, Dutton continues to be treated as if his concerns are real. As the Prime Minister bends further backward to appease Dutton, the rest of us are forced to watch, and listen, as he inches towards understanding.

The remaining two Liberal premiers today joined the Federal Government, and the other state premiers, in supporting the Voice to Parliament.

The list of Dutton’s shortcomings is long, and the electorate is not necessarily patient. I would advise the Opposition Leader to stop playing politics, to wake up to himself, and get on board. Good government needs good opposition.



Source: Is Peter Dutton on a mission? – » The Australian Independent Media Network