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Donald Trump: There’s good news, bad news and worse news


He came i shook the tree calle the fruit that fell his never the persons who planted the tree. He stole it. He’s still intent on shaking that tree not nurturing it so if no fruit comes he’ll just walk away. That’s Donald Trump not a President. (ODT)

And that is? Trump’s America is a nation with “no permanent friends and no permanent enemies”, says Wright. “It takes a transactional approach with all nations, places little value in historical ties, and seeks immediate benefits ranging from trade and procurement to diplomatic support.”

Wright has emphasised in his writings from the outset of the Trump candidacy that the President has held a core of visceral, unchanging views for decades now: deeply suspicious of US allies, attracted to authoritarians, hostile to the open world trading system, uninterested in human rights. “His most controversial positions – questioning NATO, seeking to pull out of Syria, starting trade wars – are all consistent with the worldview he has publicly espoused since the 1980s,” he argues in the journal Foreign Affairs.

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