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Chris Hedges: Strike, Strike, Strike – scheerpost.com

We’ve watched the attack on workers’ rights and the right to protest being eroded for decades. Jack Munday AO and the BLF in NSW were the first labour activists who fought for Green Bans as far back as the 70s in NSW. We saw John Howard’s intent on reducing the power of unions and the rights of workers to even associate not for their complaints but rather for their ability to unionise, protest and strike. That ability was a direct political threat to the LNP whose support and funding came from a minority of well-organized wealthy associated corporate sectors of Australia with significantly opposite interests to the wider Australian community.

The mounting social inequality is fueling protests around the globe. The global ruling class is determined to prevent these protests from employing the weapon that can bring them down — strikes.

Source: Chris Hedges: Strike, Strike, Strike – scheerpost.com