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Hurried Pfizer and the blusterer’s stone | The Monthly

Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaking at a press conference today. Image via ABC News

Self-aggrandizement is no substitute for half-baked apologies that allowed the Covid-shit hit the fan. Too late to claim how great the car your selling is when it has been dinged too many times to be declared roadworthy. That car by the way is a Scott Morrison.

Dan Andrews is right to be concerned that the PM selling himself and it might result in the cancellation of  AZ jabs  already booked. Plus Morrison’s track record of delivering vaccines has been slow when they have had an available and with a “full-life expectancy”. He now claims he’s able to deliver ones whose ” use-by dates” are almost up and  which both the UK and Singapore are happy to rid themselves of. Like all of Morrison’s promises this one too is dodgy as hell while it’s primary objective is to polish the turd. He’s seen the polls.

PM noting that he wasn’t leaving any stone unturned – now that things are dire, it seems. “I can tell you I’ve been turning over some stones in recent times,” he remarked, boasting that this deal would allow the country to reopen sooner. The UK vaccine swap is undeniably good news, though as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews implied in his concurrent press conference, let’s hope it doesn’t impact people’s willingness to take up the many AstraZeneca appointments available for this weekend. And, more to the point, why couldn’t Morrison – who, as it hardly bears repeating, told us for months that the vaccine rollout wasn’t a race – have tried turning over some stones before half the population was plunged into deep, dark vaccine-reliant lockdowns, which condemn the nation to another recession? Why couldn’t he have shown some basic care or urgency before it was his political life on the line? Morrison certainly does owe Boris a beer for getting him out of a tight spot. But the PM shouldn’t be expecting commendation for this face-saving announcement. The fact is Australia’s chance at a unified, orderly transition with the minimum amount of pain and suffering has been obliterated, all be

Source: Hurried Pfizer and the blusterer’s stone | The Monthly

Tony Abbott highlights meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron on social media

Tony Abbott has touted a meeting with the British Minister David Cameron on Twitter during his trip to the United Kingdom, the latest meeting with a world leader publicised by Abbott since being ousted as Prime Minister.

Source: Tony Abbott highlights meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron on social media