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The Putin-Fox feedback loop | Media Matters for America

image — January 6 committee — officers testifying

How is it Julian Assange has been tortured imprisoned for crimes against the U.S but not even committed in America? The files he leaked were said to be Russian disinformation against Clinton and false. Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon do it daily and Trump walked out of the White House with classified material and they have done it within American borders. They have done more harm killed and maimed more Americans than Assange, are allowed and continue to do it.

Throughout former President Donald Trump’s term in office, Media Matters carefully documented a phenomenon we defined as the “Trump-Fox feedback loop,” in which the right-wing propaganda network’s programming inspired over 1,000 tweets from its most important viewer, steering his obsessions and political talking points. That phenomenon came to an end when Trump lost his Twitter account after waging a literal assault on American democracy — which Fox also prodded him to do — but it has now been replaced by a new version, in which Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s talking points excusing his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine have come to resemble Fox’s own coverage of the assault. In a real-life illustration of the Putin-Fox feedback loop, a recently reported memo from the Russian government directed the country’s media outlets to promote as many clips of Fox News star Tucker Carlson as possible, as the regime’s propaganda and Carlson’s own rhetoric have dovetailed almost perfectly.

Source: The Putin-Fox feedback loop | Media Matters for America