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 The Age Opinion, Victoria restrictions:Victorian government’s lengthy lockout of unvaccinated is an overreach

Police look on as protesters gather in Melbourne's CBD.

In the front of The Age there was Clive Palmer’s full page ad with anti- vaxxer Qraig Qelly face and the newspaper’s Opinion supporting their Message. We can expect $100M++  with Clive running yet another campaign for Morrison’s LNP and Ch9, and Murdoch trumpeting their message into our political atmosphere like muzak because they are “free” to do that. Responsible,no but free to take cash for comment. Would Clive’s money come their way if their opinion differed?

They are all standing shoulder to shoulder with QAnon, Proud Boys, Qraig Kelly and yes Nazis. The Germans have a saying looking back “if you have 10 people sitting down for dinner with a Nazi you have 11 Nazis at dinner”. Apparently it’s safe to stick our hand in fire if its smeared with vaseline so lets all do it becase “we can”.

The EU, UK, and the USA are all experiencing a massive resurgence of Covid and are bringing back restrictions, restrictions on the unvaccinated. We can ignore that lead because we are smeared with vaseline ( 95% vaccinated ). We can play Evil Kinevil. Restrictions for what? Restrictions aren’t arbitrary are there 1) to prevent unwanted death. 2) to prevent the accelerated spread 3) but moreso to prevent overloading an already Commonwealth underfunded understaffed  Public Health System 4) to be prepared for the inevitable 4th wave when winter of 2022 hits, 5)and yes, to prevent less severe lockdowns and “more freedom” for the majority of Victorians.

These right wing hypcrites  are only too happy lock out Asylum Seekers, Muslims, Gays, Africans, etc etc etc but not that 5% or 300,00 Victorians that can incapacitate our Public Health and indirectly many others. We don’t have sufficient  nurses, doctors or the ambos but Clive just wants a Coal Mine and the LNP in power. The other fruitcakes just want to feel the power. So advertise in Peter Costello’s  Age and Murdoch’s Herald -Sun. They are only too happy to oblige and provide the opinions in support of more of that money.

Victorians have benefited from vaccination mandates of certain workers or as a temporary lockdown exemption that reduces spread when coverage is still too low. For a substantial public health gain, mandates may be justified. But the Victorian government intends to extend the lockout of the unvaccinated throughout 2022. This is disproportionate to the risks the unvaccinated pose in a population that will reach at least 93 per cent two-dose coverage by year’s end.

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