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Partisan election news is coming, but not from the usual suspects

Whose Paying? This is the media’s chance to make “real money” and apply the Murdoch business model full tilt boogey. The model Murdoch applies continuously. (ODT)

Yep, a big scary front page splash which may as well have screamed “OMG! IT WILL BE THE GREAT DEPRESSION 2.0 IF YOU VOTE FOR LABOR”.

You must wonder about the Editor and/or new owners’ motives in deciding this has to be the big sensational scary front page splash. Let’s hope this is not the vibe for the rest of the election from this media stable. Sadly, I’m not too hopeful.

Yeah, a political drop. With information from the political party themselves, their own so-called research is considered an “exclusive” and worthy of a major report in the nightly news.

Again, I don’t know if it is because they have new owners or a new Political Editor, but that as a “news” item is not what I would expect from 10. Moreso from Sky News as a “major news item”, where Peter van Onselen, the new Political Editor, used to work.

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