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Peter Dutton still fighting the last election suits Labor

Peter Dutton

He doesn’t seem to realize he lost 20 seats in the last election. Slow on the uptake isn’t the word for interim opposition leader Peter Dutton.

The unequivocal message voters sent the Coalition at the election is completely lost on new Opposition Leader Peter Dutton.

“How Dutton thinks he can win these seats back by sticking to policies so dramatically rejected is curious,” according to one senior Labor insider.

The Liberal leader’s explanation indicates, at the very least, he is finding it hard to come to terms with the changed new order.

In the interview he said: “I’m making it very clear to the Labor Party now that we aren’t supporting the legislation, which is the position we took to the Australian people and millions of people voted for us on that basis.”

Millions didn’t, and this dog in the manger attitude is a recipe to maintain the status quo at best.

Source: Peter Dutton still fighting the last election suits Labor