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Morrison without remorse as he hints at injustice over ministries scandal

Mr Morrison was steely eyed in the face of condemnation.

Morrison speaks on Paul Murray’s Murdoch platform to less than 50,000 Australians and remains symbolically and seemingly blameless and shameless but we know the opposite to be the case. His Pentecostal invasion of the Australian Liberal Party will have long-lasting effects all of which were triggered by John Howard. What has taken over 2 decades will now take just as long if not more to repair. Democracy is a multicultural and secular value. Morrison, the Pentecostalists and LNP betrayed that.

Morrison’s whole employment history has been a closed book. The pages of which he doesn’t want read let alone discussed. What we do know is it’s been one of blunder after blunder, and broken contracts due to failed promise. The failure on Morrison’s side rather than on those who employed him and were left painfully disappointed holding NDAs.

Despite three weeks in which his political legacy has collapsed and his personal character condemned, Scott Morrison is showing no signs of remorse.

Source: Morrison without remorse as he hints at injustice over ministries scandal

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