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Beggars in surplus: Australia’s university gangsters

Vice Chancellors today are vacuum cleaners sucking up bonus wages in $ millions. Increasing their earnings by simply sacking staff en-mass, stealing wages, and offering degree courses to local and overseas students on the backs of an army of untenured part-time and casual staff and online to absolutely every and anyone. Yes, today you can simply buy a degree. Courses no longer carry the same prestige they once had forcing students to stay on longer in the ever-increasing, double degrees MBAs and PhD debt trap with no more guarantee of a job based on merit than before. Who you know still wins out over what you know where Lachlan Murdoch a BA in Philosophy is living proof despite One Tel and Ch10 on his track record.

The education system has been in sharp decline in inverse proportion to the financial returns being hailed. Throwing public money at these beggars in surplus, an otherwise sensible proposition that could shield the sector from the ravages of impudent investment decisions, looks less appealing on closer inspection. Without deep, remorselessly brave reform, one that directly decapitates the officialdom of university management, good money will be thrown after ill-gotten gains.

Source: Beggars in surplus: Australia’s university gangsters