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The Beginning of the End for Trump: His Sarah Palin Moment | Arianna Huffington

There comes a moment in the political life of every big-personality, more-sizzle-than-steak candidate when they step across the line of legitimacy, even for media addicted to the high ratings these candidate-entertainers provide. That moment for Sarah Palin was her Katie Couric interview in 2008 — the hockey-mom-has-no-clothes revealing from which she, and the McCain campaign, never recovered. In Donald Trump’s candidacy, the equivalent moment might have just happened, at a town hall event in New Hampshire. Cracks are appearing in Trump’s latest Trump-branded edifice — because this one never actually had a foundation. As Palin demonstrated, even the ratings-crazed media are capable of falling out of love with a big-ratings stunt candidate. And when the media fall out of love they fall out of love very quickly.

Source: The Beginning of the End for Trump: His Sarah Palin Moment | Arianna Huffington