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Leaked paper proves EU has sidelined Palestinian rights | The Electronic Intifada

A couple of myths have been spread about Israel’s cooperation with the European Union.

One, repeated by gullible reporters with Politico over the past few days, is that the relationship is “often testy.”

Another is that the bonds are not as strong as they could be because bleeding heart liberals in the Brussels bureaucracy constantly complain about the expansion of settlements in the West Bank.

A leaked EU paper demolishes those myths – no doubt inadvertently.

The paper was drafted by Brussels officials ahead of an Association Council meeting with Israel next week. It proves that the oppression of the Palestinians and the theft of their homeland are being accorded far less importance than topics regarded as more strategic.

A particularly telling fact – noted in the paper – is that the EU celebrates “the successful counterterrorism dialogues initiated with Israel in 2015.”

While such “dialogues” were still being held as recently as April this year, an “informal” working group on human rights has not met since 2016.

The real nature of the EU’s relationship with Israel can be deduced from these points.

Bloodthirsty Yair Lapid to visit Brussels for revived Association Council.

Source: Leaked paper proves EU has sidelined Palestinian rights | The Electronic Intifada