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To Me, the Most Encouraging Thing of All | The Smirking Chimp

One thing is for sure Trump didn’t start the swing away from the centre that wave started long ago and he jumped on board for the ratings. And boy, did he get a shock?

What it proves you can’t turn 180 degrees on a whim. It took generations to arrive and now it will take generations to change again. The Dems need to dump their old and non-progressive leaders and pass the reign to those futurists like AOC who listen before they speak and who think in terms of “human values”. Like Bernie Sanders, she’s far more representative of the Nation and not just a minority part who can’t see past their individual interests.

Anyone worried about the direction this nation is heading still has much to be worried about. But we should find some solace in the young people who are committed to redirecting it toward social justice and democracy.

To Me, the Most Encouraging Thing of All | The Smirking Chimp


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