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Australia’s economy not as robust as claimed by Morrison, Frydenberg

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

The Coalition’s repeated claims that Australia’s economy is one of the world’s strongest can be refuted by simply looking at the numbers. THEY ARE LYING AUSTRALIA

Income per person

Slumped 4 to 8th under the LNP

Economic growth

27th of 38 OECD countries

Jobless rates

2008- 2013 under the ALP it went  from 8th to 6th Under LNP it went  to 18th in 2019 and now 16th

Government spending

Under Howard we were 14th Under the ALP we ranked 7-10th then we tumbled back to 15th

Government debt

In 2013 4th 2019 15th and now 18th

Value of the Aussie dollar

Under the ALP it averaged $1 and Under the LNP it’s 0.72

We can also look at wage rises, productivity and other variables to see the same trends. Clearly, Australia’s economy is not leading the advanced world. It is barely leading Costa Rica and Chile.

In what world other than in La La Land can what Frydenberg or Morrison are saying be believed the reality and facts tell a totally different story.

Source: Australia’s economy not as robust as claimed by Morrison, Frydenberg