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Australia, as designed in the 1890s, is past its use-by date

It's an anachronism that Queensland has so much control over a national asset like the Great Barrier Reef.

Surely, it would be most productive to begin with almost a blank piece of paper, working to define where or what we would want our nation to be in (say) 30 years from now, hopefully to end with an agreed reallocation of roles and responsibilities, defining the essential constitutional changes and regulatory steps required to achieve that vision. At the very least, the challenge for this year’s Christmas list should be to identify all the impediments to the smooth operation of our nation, to focus attention on the problem.

I had great hope that Tony Abbott’s promised reviews of our Federation and tax system would provide the basis of such a process but, as with so much about Abbott, it went nowhere.

via Australia, as designed in the 1890s, is past its use-by date