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‘The only thing to fear is fear itself’ – the overreach of Australian anti-terror laws

Australian terror laws

Instead of crafting policies to tackle causes rather than symptoms, Australian leaders have used terror laws to turn social and national problems into security issues that demand a military response. Allan Behm investigates.

‘The only thing to fear is fear itself’ – the overreach of Australian anti-terror laws

It would seem our Attorney General is more a Corporal Klink and doesn’t know what he’s doing again

Labor demands detail on foreign fighters bill before pledging support

Attorney-General George Brandis, left, with his opposition counterpart Mark Dreyfus.

Attorney-General George Brandis on Sunday claimed he had secured the Opposition’s backing for the next tranche of anti-terror laws – the so-called foreign fighters bill – to be introduced to Parliament on Wednesday.

Cracks have emerged in the bipartisan political response to the rising terrorist threat, with concern inside Labor at the extent and practicality of enhanced powers the federal government plans to grant security agencies.Labor has expressed misgivings at the onus of proof being placed on returning citizens.

A spokeswoman for Mr Dreyfus said the Opposition had been surprised to hear that bipartisan agreement had been secured before Labor had seen the foreign fighters bill.

“It would be negligent of us to give blanket support for something we haven’t seen. We have internal processes to follow,” she said.